Community edition

Empower your email infrastructure with our free and community-supported edition.


Total control

Take control of your email.

Experience the freedom and flexibility of running your own email server with Stalwart Open Source Edition. As an open-source solution, Stalwart ensures you have complete ownership and control over your data. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your emails are securely managed without being used to train AI models or compromised in any way. Open-source software provides unparalleled transparency, allowing you to audit and verify the security and integrity of your email server's code, ensuring your privacy and data protection are always a top priority.

Own your data

Your data, your rules.

With Stalwart, you maintain full ownership of your email data. Unlike third-party email services, where your information can be stored on unknown servers and potentially accessed by others, Stalwart guarantees that your data remains private and secure on your own infrastructure. This means you decide how your data is managed, stored, and accessed, giving you total control over your email communications. You can implement your own security measures and policies, ensuring that your emails are protected according to your standards and preferences.


Privacy and security

Enhanced privacy and security.

Privacy is at the core of Stalwart's design. By using our open-source edition, you ensure that your emails are protected from unauthorized access and surveillance. Stalwart's robust security features, such as encryption, spam filtering, and authentication protocols, work together to keep your communications safe. The transparency of open-source code allows for continuous community scrutiny and improvement, providing an additional layer of security. With Stalwart, you can be confident that your email server is not only private but also resilient against emerging threats.

Transparent & Trustworthy

Transparency and trust.

Open-source software means transparency. With Stalwart, you can review, audit, and verify the code yourself. This transparency builds trust, as you can be confident that there are no hidden backdoors or malicious code. You can also benefit from the collaborative efforts of the open-source community, who constantly work to identify and fix vulnerabilities. This collective vigilance ensures that Stalwart remains a trustworthy and reliable email solution, giving you peace of mind that your communications are protected by a secure and transparent system.


Community innovation

Community-driven innovation.

Join a thriving community of developers and users who contribute to and benefit from Stalwart's continuous improvement. The collective expertise and collaborative efforts of the community ensure that Stalwart remains a cutting-edge and reliable email solution. By participating in the community, you can share your ideas, report issues, and contribute to the development of new features. This collaborative environment fosters innovation and rapid advancement, keeping Stalwart at the forefront of email technology and ensuring that it meets the evolving needs of its users.

Cost-effective email

Cost-effective solution

Eliminate the costs associated with proprietary email services by switching to Stalwart Community Edition. Enjoy a powerful, feature-rich email server without the need for expensive licenses or subscriptions. By using open-source software, you can allocate your budget to other critical areas of your organization while still benefiting from a robust email solution. Additionally, the flexibility to customize and scale the server according to your needs ensures that you only pay for the resources you use, making Stalwart a cost-effective choice for organizations of all sizes.


Flexible customization

Flexibility and customization.

Stalwart's open-source nature allows for extensive customization to meet your specific needs. Tailor the server's functionality, integrate with other tools, and extend its capabilities to create a bespoke email solution that fits your exact requirements. Whether you need specific features, unique configurations, or integrations with existing systems, Stalwart provides the flexibility to adapt and evolve. This customization ensures that your email server can grow with your organization, providing long-term value and efficiency.

Data integrity

No data exploitation.

Rest assured that your emails are not used to train AI models or for any other purpose beyond your control. Stalwart respects your data privacy and ensures that your information remains solely within your domain. Unlike commercial email services that may exploit user data for various purposes, Stalwart's commitment to privacy means that your communications are used only as intended. This ethical approach to data management reinforces your trust in the platform and ensures that your privacy is always protected.


Open licensing

AGPLv3 license.

Stalwart Community Edition is released under the AGPLv3 license, ensuring that it remains free and open for everyone. This license promotes collaboration and sharing while protecting the freedoms to use, modify, and distribute the software. By adhering to the principles of the AGPLv3, Stalwart fosters an environment of innovation and mutual benefit, encouraging contributions from a diverse community of developers and users. This licensing model ensures that Stalwart remains a transparent, secure, and continually evolving email solution.