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The Stalwart Web-based admin tool offers a convenient and user-friendly interface for managing and configuring Stalwart Mail Server. Developed as a Single Page Application (SPA) using Rust, this tool offers a fluid user experience, as administrators can navigate through the different screens and make changes without the need for reloading the page. The choice of Rust for development emphasizes reliability and performance, aiming to provide a stable platform for server management.

The web-based admin tool is designed to offer comprehensive control over the Stalwart Mail Server, enabling administrators to fine-tune every single aspect of its operation. From configuring server settings and managing user accounts to setting up security policies and monitoring server performance, the tool encapsulates all the functionalities needed to ensure that the mail server runs optimally and securely.

Additionally, recognizing the importance of user autonomy in certain administrative aspects, the web-based admin tool includes a self-service portal. This portal empowers users with the ability to undertake specific actions independently, such as changing their passwords and managing encryption-at-rest settings for their data. This not only enhances the user experience by giving them direct control over their account settings but also reduces the administrative burden on IT staff by delegating routine tasks back to the users themselves.