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Reverse Proxy

📄️ Proxy Protocol

The HAProxy protocol, often referred to as the Proxy Protocol, is a network protocol designed to solve a common challenge faced when running servers behind load balancers or reverse proxies. In a typical setup without this protocol, the server sees only the IP address of the proxy, not the original client. This limitation can be problematic, especially for services that need to know the client's actual IP address for security, logging, or communication purposes. The Proxy Protocol was introduced as a solution to this issue. It allows the proxy to forward the client's original IP address and other relevant details to the server. This way, the server has access to the necessary client information, despite being behind a proxy.

📄️ HAProxy

HAProxy is a powerful, open-source software widely recognized for its high performance, reliability, and flexibility as a load balancer and reverse proxy. It is commonly used in environments requiring high availability and scalability, such as web servers, databases, and various application services. HAProxy excels in managing large volumes of traffic, distributing load evenly across multiple servers, and providing advanced features like health checks, SSL termination, and connection persistence.