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Authentication settings

📄️ Overview

Stalwart Mail Server supports authenticating users against an array of popular backends, facilitating seamless integration with existing user management systems. These include LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), suitable for organizations utilizing an LDAP directory for storing user information, and SQL-based databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite. Additionally, Stalwart provides an internal directory, offering a straightforward and convenient method for user management directly within the mail server. This built-in system simplifies the setup and administration process for organizations of all sizes.

📄️ Administrators

Administrators play a critical role in the maintenance and management of the system. These privileged accounts are endowed with the ability to perform a wide range of management tasks, which include altering system settings, managing user accounts, and executing maintenance duties. Given the extensive capabilities of administrator accounts, such as deleting mail accounts and undertaking other potentially disruptive actions, it is paramount to ensure the security of their passwords. The integrity and security of the mail server rely heavily on maintaining the confidentiality of administrator credentials, underscoring the necessity of employing strong, unique passwords and regularly updating them to prevent unauthorized access.

📄️ OAuth

OAuth, or Open Authorization, is a standard protocol that provides a method for clients to access server resources on behalf of a user. It acts as an intermediary on behalf of the end-user, providing the service with an access token that authorizes specific account information to be shared. This allows users to grant third-party applications access to their information on other services without sharing their credentials. For security reasons, it is strongly recommended to always use OAuth to