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Innovative email solutions driven by decades of expertise.


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Stalwart Labs combines decades of expertise with modern technology to redefine the email server landscape.

Stalwart Labs Ltd, incorporated in the UK in July 2019, is dedicated to revolutionizing the email server landscape. The development of our flagship product, Stalwart Mail Server, began in November 2021, culminating in its first release in September 2022. Despite being a recent project, the vision and expertise behind it are backed by decades of experience.

The company's founder, a seasoned entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in developing email and enterprise software, recognized the stagnation in the email server industry. Noticing that the products available in the 2020s were largely unchanged from those of the 2000s—built on outdated technologies with cumbersome configuration processes—he set out to create a modern, all-in-one mail server solution. Leveraging the powerful, memory-safe programming language Rust, he aimed to simplify email server management and enhance security and performance.

During the initial development phase, the core features of Stalwart Mail Server were single-handedly crafted by the company's founder. Now, as the product matures, Stalwart Labs is expanding. We are actively hiring backend and frontend developers, support personnel, and specialized sales staff to enhance our capabilities and support our growing customer base.

At Stalwart Labs, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge email server solutions that are easy to maintain, highly secure, and built for the future. Our journey is just beginning, and we are excited to continue evolving and pushing the boundaries of what email technology can achieve.

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