Import Accounts


Accounts can be quickly imported in bulk from a CSV file or standard input. The CLI command to import user accounts into Stalwart JMAP is import accounts and accepts the following options:

Bulk import user accounts

    stalwart-cli import accounts [OPTIONS] <PATH>

    <PATH>    Path to the CSV file, or '-' for stdin

    -c, --column-layout <COLUMN_LAYOUT>
            CSV column layout, default is 'email,secret,name,description,quota,timezone'

    -d, --delimiter <DELIMITER>
            CSV file delimiter, defaults to ','

    -h, --help
            Print help information

    -n, --no-domains
            Do not create domain names

    -w, --with-headers
            CSV has headers


The following user account fields can be imported from a CSV file:

  • email: Account e-mail address, which is also used to log in.
  • secret: Account password in clear text.
  • name: Account full name.
  • description: Account description.
  • quota: Account quota in bytes.
  • timezone: User timezone.


The column layout may be specified with the -c option and, if no layout is provided, the default email,secret,name,description,quota,timezone is used. Alternatively, the -w option can be used to obtain the column layout from the CSV file headers.

Columns in the CSV file are expected to be delimited by commas (,), to use a different delimiter, specify it with the -d parameter.


By default the CLI tool will create the domain names for each e-mail address in the CSV file. To disable this functionality, use the -n option. Please note that the account creation will fail if the domain name for a new account does not exist already in the system.


Create a CSV file with the accounts to be imported, for example:

[email protected],123456,Jane Doe,Sales Manager
[email protected],secretpass,John Doe,Sales Representative
[email protected],abcdefg,Bill Foobar,SysAdmin

Run the CLI tool providing the path to the CSV file:

$ stalwart-cli -u import accounts -w new_accounts.csv

Or, use - as the filename to read the CSV file from standard input:

$ cat new_accounts.csv | stalwart-cli -u import accounts -w

Before creating the accounts, the CLI tool will ask for confirmation:

Will import 3 accounts and 1 domain names. Press Enter to go ahead or CTRL+C to cancel.

If everything looks fine, press ENTER to proceed with the import:

Successfully imported 3 accounts.