JMAP Proxy


Stalwart IMAP is in fact a proxy server that converts IMAP requests to JSON Meta Application Protocol (JMAP) requests. In order to use Stalwart IMAP, you need a JMAP server such as Stalwart JMAP.


The base URL of the JMAP server is configured with the jmap-url parameter.


jmap-url: https://localhost:8080

Virtual Folders

Stalwart IMAP includes on each account two virtual folders, an All Mail folder containing all e-mail messages in the JMAP account and a Shared Folders folder which contains all the JMAP folders that were shared to the account.

The default name of these folders is configured with the name-shared and name-all parameters. For example:

name-shared: Shared Folders
name-all: All Mail

Trusted Hosts

When accessing JMAP servers running in a distributed environment, requests might be redirected with an HTTP 302 response to the JMAP server that is currently leading the cluster. For security reasons all sensitive headers such as those including authorization credentials are removed before redirecting a request. The jmap-trusted-hosts parameter contains a list of the trusted hostnames where it is safe to include any authorization credentials when following a redirect request.