Since JMAP uses strings as unique identifiers and IMAP uses integers to uniquely identify messages and MODSEQs, it is necessary to keep in the file system a table that maps JMAP identifiers to IMAP identifiers and vice versa. This table is a key-value store referred to as the cache and stores information such as:

  • UID (IMAP) to id (JMAP) mappings and vice versa.
  • UIDVALIDITY identifiers for each IMAP folder.
  • UIDNEXT for each IMAP folder.
  • MODSEQ (IMAP) to state (JMAP) mappings and vice versa (used by the CONDSTORE extension).
  • HIGHESTMODSEQ for each IMAP folder (used by the CONDSTORE extension).

Even though the contents of the cache are not critical, it should not be deleted as it will force IMAP clients to resynchronize all folders and messages with the server.


The path to where cache resides in the file system is configured with the cache-dir parameter and its default value is /usr/local/stalwart-imap/data.


cache-dir: /usr/local/stalwart-imap/data


Stalwart IMAP includes a job scheduler service in charge of running cache maintenance tasks such as purging expired or deleted entries. The time when the cache purge task runs is configured with the cache-purge-every parameter using a simplified crontab expression:

<minute> <hour> <week-day>


  • <minute>: minute to run the job, an integer ranging from 0 to 59.
  • <hour>: hour to run the job, an integer ranging from 0 to 23.
  • <week-day>: day of the week to run the job, ranging from 1 (Monday) to 7 (Sunday) or * to run the job every day.

All values have to be specified using the server’s local time. For example:

  • 0 3 *: Run the job every day at 3am local time.
  • 45 5 2: Run the job every Tuesday at 5:45am local time.

By default, the purge job runs each day at 3am (0 3 *) but this can be changed with the cache-purge-every parameter:

cache-purge-every: 0 3 *

It is recommended to schedule the purge task when your JMAP server is most likely to be idle.

Vanished Ids

In order to support the VANISHED modifier of the Quick Mailbox Resynchronization (QRESYNC) extension, Stalwart IMAP needs to keep track of all the ids that were deleted on the JMAP server.

By default, deleted ids are kept in the cache for a maximum of 2592000 seconds (30 days). This amount can be configured in seconds with the cache-removed-id-ttl parameter:

cache-removed-id-ttl: 2592000 # secs

After a removed ID has been purged from the cache, it will no longer be returned to clients in a VANISHED IMAP response.