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Local Domains

The Domain Name Management tool allows administrators to manage domain names within Stalwart Mail Server using a command-line interface. This tool provides functionalities to create and delete domain names, as well as list all the domains configured in the server.

General Usage:

stalwart-cli --url <URL> domain <COMMAND>
  • --url <URL>: The URL of Stalwart Mail Server.
  • <COMMAND>: The specific domain name management command to execute.

Create a Domain


stalwart-cli domain create <NAME>
  • <NAME>: The domain name to create.


stalwart-cli domain create

This command creates a new domain named "" in Stalwart Mail Server.

Delete a Domain


stalwart-cli domain delete <NAME>
  • <NAME>: The domain name to delete.


stalwart-cli domain delete

This command deletes the domain named "" from Stalwart Mail Server.

List Domains


stalwart-cli domain list [FROM] [LIMIT]
  • [FROM]: The starting point for listing domains.
  • [LIMIT]: The maximum number of domains to list.


stalwart-cli domain list 0 10

This command lists the first 10 domains configured in Stalwart Mail Server.