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When transitioning from an older version of the Stalwart Mail Server or switching the database backend (such as moving from RocksDB to FoundationDB), data migration becomes a necessary step. This ensures that user account information, emails, and settings are accurately transferred and preserved in the new environment.

To conduct the data migration, administrators need to follow a two-step process using the Stalwart CLI tools. The first step involves exporting the user account data from the current system using the export account command. This command produces a JSON file containing all the user data, including emails, mailboxes, sieve scripts, identities, and vacation responses. For example:

$ stalwart-cli -u export account john ~/export/john

The second step involves importing the previously exported data into the new or upgraded server using the import account command. This command reads the data from the JSON file and populates the new database accordingly. For example:

$ stalwart-cli -u import account john ~/export/john

By following this process, administrators can ensure a smooth transition when upgrading the Stalwart Mail Server or when changing the database backend, minimizing disruption for end users.