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· 2 min read
Mauro D.

We’re excited to announce that Stalwart Labs has received a grant from the NGI0 Entrust Fund. This fund, established by NLnet with financial support from the European Commission’s Next Generation Internet programme, aims to support the development of innovative and secure technologies for the internet of the future.

The purpose of the grant is to support the completion of the development of the Stalwart Mail server, an open-source mail server written in Rust that is designed to be simple to run, but at the same time, extremely secure, robust, and focused on privacy. The funds from this grant will cover the development of several new features that will make the Stalwart Mail server even more useful and user-friendly.

The features that the Stalwart Labs team will develop with the support of the NGI0 Entrust Fund include Stalwart SMTP, HTTP Listener / JSON Parsing refactoring, Store Refactoring, MinIO/S3 blob storage, Quota support, External authentication support, Catch-all addresses and aliases, JMAP Quota, JMAP Blob, JMAP Contacts, JMAP Calendars, JMAP Tasks, JMAP MDN, and the integration of SMTP, JMAP, and IMAP. Additionally, the grant will also cover security auditing, ensuring that the Stalwart Mail Server is as secure and reliable as possible.

With the completion of these features, the Stalwart Mail server will become an even more powerful tool for individuals and organizations looking for a secure and private email solution. We look forward to seeing the impact that this innovative technology will have on the future of email and online communication.

We are grateful to NLnet, and the European Commission’s Next Generation Internet programme for their support in the development of the Stalwart Mail server. We believe that this grant will enable us to make significant progress in the development of this important open-source project, and we look forward to sharing our progress with the community in the coming months.