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Unleashing Email Flexibility: Address Rewriting is now available

· One min read
Mauro D.

Stalwart Mail Server continues its tradition of constant innovation and advancement with the release of version 0.3.2. Address rewriting has always been a highly requested feature, and we've delivered in a big way. The 0.3.2 update introduces sender and recipient address rewriting using both regular expressions and Sieve scripts. This means you now have the ability to manipulate and manage email addresses like never before, providing unparalleled flexibility in routing your emails.

But that's not all. We've also included support for subaddressing and catch-all addresses using regular expressions. This feature allows you to handle email addressing in more unique and sophisticated ways, aiding in spam management, and simplifying email routing to non-standard addresses.

Lastly, we've introduced dynamic variables in configuration rules. This allows you to use variables within settings that are resolved at runtime, further enhancing the flexibility and control you have over your mail server configuration.

This release is all about providing you with more control, adaptability, and management options for your email. We're incredibly excited to see how you will leverage these features to optimize your mail server. Upgrade to Stalwart Mail Server 0.3.2 and revolutionize the way you manage email addresses.